Anina Evans


I grew up with snaps like you every day.

I wondered what went on in your petty -little heads.

I am curious as to when the sun sets on you.

I am perplexed by your eager little tongue.

I want to ripe it out of your pretty- little head.


I wish I could confront you.

I wish I could destroy you but,

then God says, “forgive them.”

Do not be tempted to sin.

Then here comes the devil,

“Slap her again and again, rein down terror!”

“Do what thou wilt…”

“Release your anger, engage your rage.”

I restrain and remain still.

I ponder a moment in time,

a time where we will battle to the end.

A time and place in another world we shall have our day.

Until we meet again we shall be friends.

All for the love…



Anina Evans

Anina Evans

I am a mother, a grandmother and a sister. I have a legal background, along with a healthcare background. I consider myself a Mystic my experiences are factual.